Children and crystals

Children and Crystals

Does your child have an abundant collection of crystals? Do you have a collection but you find that your children have borrowed some? Children are naturally drawn towards crystals, whethers its their colours, shapes or their intuition guiding them to a crystal they need.

I do a lot of fairs and often hear parents saying to their children ‘Don’t touch’ to which I always say, its fine don’t worry they can touch them. Because to me, by allowing a child to touch and feel the crystals means they are experiencing the vibrations and energies of the crystals. So often I hear a child say they want a red one, and their parent says, don’t you want a pink one instead? The child says no they want the red one, but the parent takes it upon themselves to buy the child the pink one. They are dismissing their childs internal need for that particular crystal, and in turn telling that child not to trust their intuition. This seems a bit far fetched, but imagine you were with a friend. You like the red crystal and really want it, but your friend keeps trying to talk you out of it, or convincing you to buy a black one, that is really not what you want. How would you feel? Annoyed? Irritated? Would you let your friend talk you into buying the black one, then when you get home wish you had bought the red one?

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When my son was about 14 months old, his cot bed was adorned with everything that was supposed to help him sleep, a comforter, a musical toy, a cot mobile, teddy bears, a huge piece of amethyst under the cot. Looking back I think I probably tried too hard to get him to go to sleep and he suffered from sensory overload!

My point is in a huge roundabout way that we as parents sometimes need to step back and think ‘Should I let my child decide what crystal they need? Or should I decide what they need?’ Each child is unique and we need to let them use their intuition at a young age so they know to trust it in later life. If our intuition has been squashed at a fairly young age, we have to really work when we are older on learning how to trust our gut instinct again. However if it is something that is trusted and nourished at an early age, it must be so much easier when you reach adult life, because you have something internal you depend on. You don’t go seeking it elsewhere.

If your child has started to show an interest in crystals then encourage it. If you know the name of it, do some research for them. Tell them its name, what it can be used for and any stories about them. If they feel they want to carry it around with them, let them. If they lose their crystal don’t be mad at them, crystals have a habit of disappearing and sometimes reappearing. Several of mine have done this. When they disappear it just means that.

Lindsay x

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