Turning shit into glitter

We are often quick to celebrate the highs and successes in life on social media. I have done this myself over the last five years. I have, in no particular order
Self published three books, fourth on its way
Been featured in national magazines and newspapers
Won awards
Been to the US for a book launch on which I collaborated with several other women
Launched successful events
Taught myself social media, how to build a website
Invested thousands in learning how to do public speaking, how to write press releases, marketing, coaches, networking
Hosted my own radio show
Been a guest on numerous podcasts
Gifted a free ticket to Glastonbury
Moved into my caravan
Invested time and energy into my own healing, spiritual and personal development
And I have loved every single moment

loving life

But on the flipside I have also
Been through a difficult divorce
Lost my friend to cancer
Been rejected by traditonal publishing houses for not having x amount of followers
Been trolled on social media
Been called names such as white privilege, fake and phony
Been verbally abused
Been asked numerous times why I charge for my services and then told I should offer them for free as they are a gift
A lady who I thought was a friend harassed me and tried to sue me
Faced prejudice because I’m a single mum
Been told I can’t do something way too many times to count
Been through an emotionally abusive relationship
Been told I can’t use a label for myself
Been told that I shouldn’t share too much about plant medicine and the benefits
Had my kids kept from me because of my lifestyle choices
Faced homelessness
Had no money
Healed some deep rooted fears such as rejection, abandonment and self worth

The pain and hurt we go through with our low points make us who we are. They make us stronger, more resilient, more courageous, more vulnerable, more honest, more open, more aware of the hurts we need to heal, more patient, more flexible, more adaptable, more fearless, softer, more aware of our relationships with others and with ourselves, more connected, more tuned in.

When we can turn all the shits into glitter and still come out smiling, we are at peace. We feel content and we feel the absolute joy when eveything we have been dreaming about and manifesting turns into pure gold. So take that shit you have been through, own it and turn it into gold đź’–

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Lindsay x

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