Where do we go between lives?

Recently I gave a lady a reading for a past life. She was curious to where she had gone after 1700 as she had accessed several of her past lives but was stuck after that. I tuned in and gave her a past life from the 1970’s. When I asked where she had been before that I was shocked to find she had played a very important role but not on the Earth side. Her role had been helping souls make the transition from earth to the other side. On the Earth her work is similar.

Lives between lives are something I discussed a few years ago with Steven Towill on my YouTube channel which you can find here. I was fascinated then that we don’t just roll from one life on Earth to another, but that there are spaces in between our times on Earth when we are busy fulfilling roles in others times and spaces. It reminds me of the movie, Soul. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend you watch it.

Photo by Adam Krypel on Pexels.com

When we pass over many people report seeing relatives or loved ones and sometimes they mention seeing spirits that they don’t know who they are. These unknown spirits actually have a role to play. They assist with the passing over of a soul from the human life to the other side. I am so intrigued by the other roles our souls have when they aren’t incarnated on Planet Earth. My feeling is that when people have an interaction with what they may feel is a guardian angel, or someone who appears just at the moment something is about to happen which could prove deadly for example, this is a soul fulfilling their role from the other side. I truly believe there are many roles for our souls that aren’t just here on Earth. I myself, have been shown that I was a spirit guide for Florence Scovel Schinn, which I shared in a recent blog post. I have seen myself speaking with the Galactic Council and a friend of mine who passed from suicide came back to tell me he was helping other souls on Earth who were feeling suicidal to find the help they need

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic and am also offering life between lives sessions via distance. To book yours click on the contact me page.

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