Pushing Through Fear When Sharing Your Voice – Guest Post by Lynn F. Forney

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Lynn F. Forney ~

Writer Lynn F Forney

You are inspired. Motivated. Ready to share your voice. Your fingers gently rest upon the computer keys, ready for the brilliance to flow forth and appear before you on the screen. But, in the shadows, lurks another voice. A voice you know well. The one that makes you sink in your chair, stifling your brilliance. The one that makes you feel small and defeated. As you slide your fingers away from the keyboard, it basks in the glory of keeping you small. Keeping you silent. Keeping you safe.


How do you stand up to a voice so powerful? Especially when it comes to something that requires you to show your most vulnerable parts to the world? All while having no idea how they will be received or treated once out on their own? The answer is simple in theory, yet layered with numerous complexities that…

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