1 Month of caravan life… how did we fare?

Love hearing from others about their experiences in a caravan and how they found making the leap from a house to a smaller space


This weekend marks 4 weeks of living in our caravan full-time so it’s about time for an update!

Packing our personal things

Luckily neither of us is particularly attached to ‘stuff’ but packing your whole life in a 6.5m by 2.5m caravan does take a bit of time. We’d already made a start sorting our house (which we’re renting out fully furnished) about 4 months before we got our caravan, but there’s heaps you can only sort at the last minute so it was a busy month before we moved in permanently. We’d been storing all our camping stuff – pots, pans, plates, cups, cutlery, spare towels – in large storage crates at home so that was easy enough to transfer.

Then we had to sort out clothing. As we moved in the heart of winter, all our summer clothes are packed away in a couple of large suitcases and…

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