Why choosing to leave the system can be challenging at times

The idea of living off grid is certainly massively appealing. Becoming self sustainable, growing your own food, earning your own money, being independent of a broken system. Everyone living together in harmony and working together for the greater good. Many of us have similar visions and ideas of how we want to live but what is the reality of it?

I chose to leave my rental in July 2021 to move into a caravan. I wrote about the challenges and the highs it brought in a book called The Semi Offgrid Journey which you can grab here. I moved onto a caravan site, shared my story in the Daily Mail and told so many people how doable it is. My hope was to inspire others to do the same. It’s a bit like when you see people jumping off a boat into the sea. On the one hand you think, that looks amazing, so much fun, but part of you is scared. Part of you is fearful. What happens if I don’t land correctly? What happens if I drown? All of these fears come into our mind to stop us chasing our dreams. And I get that. I did actually jump off a yacht in Hong Kong when I had a huge fear of drowning, landed very awkwardly, thought I was going to die, thankfully didn’t and had a huge bruise on my thigh where I crash landed. Anyway, my point is, I was in a space of fear but chose to take that leap off the yacht. Jumping from where I was safe and dry to the unknown. My life has sort of been like that since July 2021 when I chose to leap.

Life has a funny way of guiding you to places and people you need to meet, rather than who you want to meet. I was guided to Scotland after being asked to leave my last caravan site, for publicity reasons. Since then it has been a rollercoaster to be honest. I have struggled with money, not being able to go online due to wifi issues, wondering some days where I will be staying next. Relying on people to offer me a space in their homes, a sofa, a static. People I have met, have generally been so kind. People I have met once offering me a space to stay if I needed it. You see leaving the system is a great idea and the only way we can challenge it is not being a part of it or adhering to it. However, where we are right now is an in between stage in humanity. The old ways of living haven’t fully broken down yet and the new ways of living aren’t yet established so at the minute we may feel as if we are in a void like system.

There are some amazing communities out there, doing amazing work and I truly feel we are all meant to be where we are needed to right now. It may feel difficult at times, or a struggle but for now we embrace who we are, heal those parts of ourselves that are keeping us trapped in cycles and continue to forge new path ways for others who are standing on the edge ready to take the leap. Wherever you are currently at, is the place you are meant to be. Wishing you blessings and abundance on your journey

Lindsay x


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