Back in my caravan!

So after a very difficult and long winter, staying in shepherd huts, air bnbs, a static ( thank you Susan!) and living with a Buddhist couple in their 60’s for 6 weeks this year I am finally back in my caravan and have been for 2 weeks, woop woop!

What this journey has taught me so far is to trust and have faith, not only in myself but in others. Me living with a very kind couple came about after bumping into a lady in a charity shop last November. We had the same side plait and within a few minutes were talking about witchy stuff and broomsticks, there was one for sale in the shop. I bumped into her a couple of times after that and she said, if you ever need a hot shower, let me know. Well of course winter set in and one day the pipes froze in the static caravan and I needed a shower. I reached out and was invited in for a shower and bowl of hot soup. A week later she then said, if you need somewhere to stay I have a spare bedroom. At the time I was staying in Barholm Hostel in Creetown, beautiful place by the way! I kindly took her up on the offer and ended up spending six weeks here. When you begin to build that faith and trust in yourself and others you become more open to the guidance around you and the help people have to offer.

Since being back in my wee caravan, I have spent a lot of time in nature again, foraging on the land, spending time getting to know the herbs and plants that are growing there. Currently looking after a beautiful space, a small group of us are currently tidying and clearing the land and the house. Taking our time to grow organically for now and creating lists upon lists of what is needing doing. Creating connections with the local town has also felt important. If we are to build off grid community spaces we need the support of our local community too. Tinker’s Bubble are a great example of where the local people have offered their support as they have contributed back to the local community.

Who knows what is next right now, but for the moment I will continue to enjoy the journey and take it one day at a time. If you feel drawn to support and follow me on this journey you can also connect here

Lindsay x

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