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I LOVE writing and have done so since I was a little girl. Having written and self published four books all based around my spiritual journey and the tools I have learnt along the way I wanted to share these with others in the hope they would assist others on their journeys too.

Below you can find my books which are all available currently on Amazon. Click here to grab a copy

In early 2022 my editor, June Alexander, and I decided to set up Temple Woman Publishing. We wanted to empower other women to share their stories and to learn how to self-publish and market them. You can find our website here

I am currently writing two books, one is fiction based on fact and the other is about the Martyrs of Wigtown and sharing their story, which is supported by DGUnlimited. Artwork by Harvey Mason @ecoartsuk

Launch date coming soon… to stay updated with the Martyrs of Wigtown Book click here

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