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Here you can find a list of online courses available to you throughout your awakening journey as well as upcoming events

Understanding your own energy online course


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Have you ever wondered what an aura is? Do you want to learn what a chakra is? Aura and chakras are an integral part of our energy body. Crystals can be used to work with the chakras to bring emotional balance. This course provides a basic introduction to auras and chakras, as well as a beginners guide to working with crystals.

Learning the basics of your own energy system can be the beginning of creating a strong foundation of knowing yourself, when you are connected to others and understanding the energy of places too. Keeping your chakras healthy and clear is as important as maintaining your physical body. This introduction to energy healing is an awesome start.

Unfortunately we aren’t taught this at school. When you know what each chakra represents you can begin to feel when you are energetically in alignment and out of alignment

How to read Angel Cards in 28 days


In this course I discuss how reading Angel cards can be beneficial in your life, how they offer support and guidance and enhance your intuition. You will have some work to do. I recommend reading cards for yourself for 28 days first before you try and practise on others.

This course is ideal for a beginner who is just starting out and wants to know more about angel cards and how to read them.

I began working with Angel cards back in 2008, following a trip to a medium who told me she could see me with a pack of Angel cards. I had no idea what they were but went out and bought myself a pack. I enjoyed reading the daily messages and seeing how apt it was in my own day to day life. What really began to freak me out was how sometimes I would get the same card two or three days in a row. When there is a message that wants to come into your life, it can do so through the cards.

It is my hope and intention that you spend the 28 days really getting to know your cards and working with them to not only read for yourself and others, but to really tap into your intuition

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The Spiritual Journey

As Lindsay describes her own experiences of spirituality, she will invite you to join in. This may be in the form of meditation, a psychic reading, a chakra check, receiving a message from a spirit, or delving into a past life.

Every show is guaranteed to be unique as Lindsay tunes into the energy of the group. Using a variety of tools, she can read energy fields and speak with spirits, including her own (and maybe even your) spirit guides.

This exclusive event is not to be missed.

Audience participation and interaction will be required.

You will leave with some simple and easy-to-access tools that can be used in your everyday life, empowering you in your spiritual journey!

Wednesday April 19th, Stranraer Millennium Centre, 7-9pm. Grab your ticket here

Writing & Healing workshop

08/04/2023 10-4pm

Join me at Roots of Respect in Leeds for a day of writing and journeying. Combining meditations and sound healing alongside journalling, we allow our soul to speak through the paper.

Whether you are looking to start your writing journey or looking for something deeper and more cathartic, this is the ideal place for you to start.

When I read someone’s writing, you can tell when it comes from a deep place. How do we get into that zone? During the day I will be journeying with you to allow the words that are wanting to be expressed and shared to come through and give you the confidence to share them with others.

Investment £97

Speaking from Your Soul- online event

22 April 2023

Have you always wanted to share your story?

Whether this is on a stage, in a book or maybe even on a podcast?

Would you love to inspire or educate people with your experiences and knowledge?

Do you already speak but want to raise your visibility and get paid more?

If you are screaming YES right now then we have something very special for you.

Estelle Keeber, Instagram Expert & Speaker, and myself have created Speaking from your Soul.

An online workshop that will teach you all you need to know about speaking with passion, spirit and professionalism.

Tickets £40 available here PLUS we have an early bird offer where you can grab a ticket for just £36! Use code EB23!

Carry on Camping April 28-30th

I will be sharing my semi offgrid journey at the above event. Leaving a rental to move into a caravan, the challenges it brought, the highs and everything in between. See you there!

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