Temple Woman Consultancy

I began my business back in 2017 after getting divorced. Prior to that I was a full-time mum and a non-food trading manager at Tesco for seven years.

Suffice to say over the last 16 years of my working life I have a lot of experience and knowledge to share 🙂

Over the last five years of self-employment I have

  • Set up a YouTube channel and conducted interviews with experts in the spiritual field and more recently off grid tips.
  • Taught myself how to use social media in the best way that is fully aligned with me and my business.
  • Learnt when the best time is to share and when it is time to take a step back
  • Learnt how best to work with my masculine and feminine energies within, to listen to myself, allow the ideas to come then take inspired action.
  • Thrown myself out of my comfort zone more times than I can count.
  • Cocreated speaking events with other women for York Business Week when I couldn’t find an event I wanted to attend.
  • Started my own speaking event, The Spiritual Journey
  • Written and self-published four books and currently on my 5th
  • Cofounded Temple Woman Publishing to help other female authors learn how to self-publish and market their own books.
  • Cocreating Speaking From your Soul with Estelle Keeber, which came about through listening to a download that I needed to speak to her, but no idea why, messaging her and BOOM event created.
  • Featuring in the national press and magazines, sharing my stories
  • Helped numerous clients through healings and readings, offering guidance and support to those ready to give up on life, going through cancer and long-term health illnesses.
  • Launched an online membership group but decided after a few months it wasn’t working for me so closed it down.
  • Created online events and sold no tickets.
  • Created online events and sold out.
  • Created an online programme following the launch of my first book.
  • Learnt a whole load about plant medicine and working with them to open my mind.
  • Moved house, a lot, and into a caravan to experience off grid living.
  • Lived in an off-grid community for a short time which was my dream, before leaving as it wasn’t the right space for me.
  • Accepting that sometimes failure isn’t failure, but a detour to another direction.
  • Gone through emotional abuse, divorce, grief, family court, parental alienation and come out the other side stronger.
  • Learnt to embrace my shadow side and be constructive instead of destructive

It’s quite amazing what we can fit into the space of five years! The learnings, lessons and experiences are a blend of the physical, emotional and spiritual. The spiritual tools I have learnt have stood me in good stead for life’s difficult points and transitions.

Temple Woman Consultancy came to me a few days ago. Over the last six months my inbox has started pinging more and more, with people messaging me saying can I ask you a question? I would LOVE to be able to answer everyone’s questions quickly but sometimes the answers are longer and lead to more questions. An hour later I may still be messaging them. I know, I know, I hear you, stronger boundaries are needed and maybe this is why this idea has come to mind now.

Temple Woman Consultancy for me is a way to work with spiritual entrepreneurs who need a bit of guidance and/or support in where they go next. I have had several coaches over the last year or so who truly have not got a clue about the work I do. I could feel them on the other end of the phone, nodding their heads saying that’s nice dear, image of Mrs Doubtfire in my head. There are some amazing coaches out there, but if they do not understand you as a person and your business, the messages you are trying to share, they may end up telling you to do something, which just doesn’t sit right with you.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to business. Some coaches talk about magic formulas, if you do x,y and z you’ll be earning six figures by teatime. If you post every day, you’ll grow your business. But if the content you are posting does not fill your heart with joy and you resent posting every day, that energy will come across in your post.

The magic formula in your business? You. When we learn to listen to our intuition, to balance our masculine and feminine energies, to not listen to the rest of the noise on social media, we begin to carve our own path.

Temple Woman Consultancy is not only a meeting between you and me about your business and where you would like to take it, but connecting with spirits, our ancestors, your higher self and bypassing all the stuff in your head. Together we can overcome any fears you have about putting yourself out there or failing, we will take leaps together with your work. Worried about what others might think? We can work through that too.

When I create, I tend to create what I wish I had had when I started out in business. I wish I had known as many strong women as I am so lucky to know now and surround myself with their inspiration daily. I wish I had found an amazing female coach or mentor who ‘got me’ I wish I had had someone that I knew to lean back and help me on to the next rung of the ladder at various stages in my business. I didn’t but I am now offering you the opportunity to have this. Whatever stage you are at with your business, whether you are looking to create your first online event, in person event, whether you want to start a YouTube channel but not sure where to start, Temple Woman Consultancy is for you.

I know in my heart that this will grow. That it will start with me, but over time more coaches and mentors will join together to help other women start/grow their business. I can feel it and I hope you can too.

To book a 121 session to see if we are aligned and how we can work together email lindsaybanks111@gmail.com or drop me a note below

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